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ZOHO Offering Complete Business Solutions

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Zoho-authorized partner

AL FAWZ GROUP LLC company with focus on Cloud, AI and IOT. We are a Authorized partner to Zoho with consulting teams in development, implementation and support to help customers get maximum value out of their Zoho instance. We are globally present with India and United Arab Emirates. We have Many Zoho customers across various verticals who have benefited from our expertise on various products of Zoho namely, Zoho One, Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Analytics and Zoho HR.

Enabling seamless operations via new software

Providing solutions for the global IT and services industry


IT Solution

We offer cost-effective development services and solutions for customers with projects both small and medium.


Financial Solution

We offer financial and accounting outsourcing services to provide our clients with timely, accurate and customized financial reports saving them the hassle of establishing an accounting department.


HR Solution

We help clients to reduce their administrative risks and liabilities by managing their HRM processes such as payroll, tax filing, regulatory compliance, unemployment claims administration, benefits enrollment and employee compensation management


General Trading

We can provide professional supplies in purchasing service for clients. It is equipped with a purchase team having complete organizational structure in Dubai, India and China


Market Studies

Entering new markets, introducing new products/services and targeting new consumer segments indispensably requires a thorough market study


Management Consultancy

Business owners and the management team sometimes need a bird’s eye view to their business in order to ensure that all risks are being accounted for and all opportunities are being considered

Bespoke Professional solutions for global firms

We offer dynamic solutions in a bespoke manner. The custom that we develop are tailored to the needs of clients.

Cloud compatible software

Our Cloud storage services are meant for storing critical business data. Every media is compatible with Cloud.

Market Analysis

Researching the market for improved business feedback and surveys.

IT Research

Collaborating in new IT projects. Delivering smart App-based.

Data Management

In-depth data storage and management new business.

Media Marketing

Media plays an important role in Ads. We offer software.

Company & business software redefined

Our company software is tailored to every client’s needs. Delivering bespoke software solutions for all entities.



We mainly require the active participation of beneficiaries and other stakeholders in terms of articulating and clarifying their problems


Professional Strategy

Companies pay attention to details and monitor processes to implement quick changes as required.



Implementation refers to the final process of moving the solution from development status to production status

Professional case studies

Our case studies are a reflection of our urge to explore new vistas. This makes you prepared for any unforeseen eventualities.

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